Pre & Post Surgery Instruction

What is Bio-FUE?

There are methods to transplant hair and then there are methods, which will make your transplanted hair healthier. While follicular unit extraction has become a truly popular method for hair transplantation, there are more advances happening in the same field, which are improving the results of the actual transplant. 

What is Bio-FUE?

Bio FUE is actually a method that improves on the traditional FUE or follicular unit extraction. While the FUE is done in the normal manner, wherein individual hair follicles or grafts are extracted and then transplanted into the recipient area, the Bio part arrives with special growth factors. When the grafts are transplanted, along with them, a special growth serum is also injected into the scalp, which will not only strengthen the follicles, but also make sure that they grow long and healthy.

What is Bio-therapy?

Bio therapy is based on the concept that human germinative cells have got the ability to regenerate various important structures, especially when they are in the embryonic stage of life. These cells have been used to cure serious medical conditions such as polio, spinal cord injuries and even cancer.
The procedure of the therapy is actually not very complicated – live cells are taken out from the body and these cells are then injected into the scalp. The idea is that when these live cells are injected, it will activate the dead cells, leading to natural creation of new hair follicles. Not only will the therapy improve the texture of the hair, it will also boost healing and growth.

Pre & Post Surgery Instruction

1. Do Not Drink Alcohol & Smoking For prior to Surgery :- It is strictly advisable to stop smoking, drinking alcohol or consuming any other drug for few 15 days before & after the surgical hair restoration treatment.

2. Do Not Drink Caffeine The Morning Of Surgery :-  You will be given something relex during surgery.

3. Change in Appointment :- In case, there is any emergency and you are unable to come for the surgery on given date/time, you must inform in the clinic before a week.

4.  Do Not Cut Hair On The Back And  Side of  Your Head Before Surgery

5. Mandatory Blood Tests :- Make sure you are done with the tests like CBC, HBASG, HCV, HIV, CT, BT, LFT, ECG  etc. before 2 days from your surgery and the reports have been sent to the doctor either personally or via mail.

6. Color Yoyr Hair :- If you got grey hair, then better color them black 2 days before the treatment. It would make the whole surgical procedure easy & convenient for the hair transplant surgeon.

7. Shampoo Before Surgery  :- If you are prone to dandruff, then it is advisable to use Ketoconazole/ Scalp shampoo daily 3 days prior to the hair transplantation.

8. Avoid T-Shirts :- Avoid T-shirt that needs to wear from head when coming for the hair transplant surgery. Rather, prefer to come in comfortable clothing (with buttons/zip) so that you can easily wear & remove it without touching your head.

9. After  Hair Transplant :-  Irrigation of  Implanted Hair Graft with Normal Saline For First  5 Days